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Rachel Barbra Berry ☆. Recent graduate of the prestigious Tisch School of Arts at NYU. Ready to take this city and the stage by storm, especially with my starring role in Broadway's The In Between.

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and neither is Rachel Berry for that matter.)
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For Quinn.

For Quinn.

Anonymous asked:
Just to tell you I'm loving this PARAS!!! I'm on page 139 and I can't stop reading!!!! No need to say anything back!


Can’t stop. Won’t stop. I do hope you’re enjoying the ride, anon. So glad you’re loving the story, and hopefully we’ll have more to give you soon enough.

Anonymous asked:
I just wanted to let you know that this Rp is wonderful. Please keep updating


Thank you. We both know activity is either non-existent or extremely minimal at best, but the RP is still very much alive. 

There’s something in the works as we speak and hopefully we can get it out in time. We’ll see. Thanks much for the continued support, though.

Anonymous asked:
ooc: As many people have stated before me, your portrayal of Rachel is absolutely flawless and so is this rp. I was just wonder if you happen to have other roleplay accounts as well and would be so kind as to redirect us to them?


Though I think I’m far from flawless, I truly appreciate the compliment for both the character and our little 1x1 as a whole.

And yes, I do. However, I’d be more inclined to discuss where else you can sometimes find me off-anon.

Faberry RP Discussion


RP: Lucydreamingq and Veryberrybway

Note: My all-time favorite RP 

Activity: Minimal for now but with periodic updates

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ooc: Thank you!

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Old. School.
Happy Halloweekend.

Old. School.

Happy Halloweekend.

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Family Matters || Faberry || (2/2)

Title: Family Matters
Tagging: Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray
Time: Monday, October 15th, 2012
Location: Quinn’s apartment
Notes: Rachel hasn’t seen much of her girlfriend, lately, and it seems like Quinn left out a very important reason why. 

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Family Matters || Faberry || (1/2)

Title: Family Matters
Tagging: Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray
Time: Monday, October 15th, 2012
Location: Quinn’s apartment
Notes: Rachel hasn’t seen much of her girlfriend, lately, and it seems like Quinn left out a very important reason why.

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